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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI Calls Child Sexual Abuse a Heinous Crime

Author: Racquel Nicdao
Published: February 21, 2010 at 11:29 am

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As a result of the two-day closed door discussions between Irish Bishops and senior members of the Roman Curia, concerning the child sexual abuse scandal in the Irish Catholic Church, the Vatican released an official statement February 16.

In the Vatican statement, Pope Benedict XVI was quoted as saying that child sexual abuse is a “heinous crime and is a grave sin which offends God and wounds the dignity of the human person created in his image.”

The discussions which took place last Monday and Tuesday have brought into light the serious situation in the Irish Catholic Church, revealed by the Murphy and Ryan reports. The two reports accounted cases of sexual abuse of minors committed by Priests from 1975 and 2004, and the efforts to cover up such abuses by some of the Church’s hierarchy over many years. A third government inquiry is still going on in the diocese of Cloyne.

There were 24 Irish Bishops present in the reunions, headed by Archbishop of Armagh, Cardinal Sean Brady and Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin. Each of the Bishops were called in separately and were given the opportunity to voice their respective views, and to explain the line of conduct they had assumed in addressing the delicate issue.

The failure of the Church authorities to act effectively was acknowledged in the Vatican statement. Furthermore, it stated errors and omissions in judgment were some of the factors that contributed in a “breakdown in trust” in the Church’s leadership in Ireland.

The Pope Benedict XVI expressed his hope that the discussions would eventually conduct in a cohesive effort in establishing concrete and effective steps meant to bring justice to the victims, to promote a rekindling of faith, and to re-establish the Church’s spiritual and moral reputation.

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