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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pope Facts: What's the Matter with your Baptism?

On the 8th of July 1241, Pope Gregory IX wrote a letter entitled "Cum, sicut ex" to Sigurd, Archbishop of Nidaros (1) concerning the correct Matter for a valid baptism. Pay special attention to what was being used in the Archdiocese of Nidaros at the time of Pope Gregory IX.

"Since as We have learned from your report, it sometimes happens because of scarcity of water, that infants of your lands are baptized in beer (!), We reply to you in the tenor of those present that, since according to evangelical doctrine it is necessary "to be reborn from water and the Holy Spirit"(John 3:5) they are not to be considered rightly baptized who are baptized in beer."

Talk about being inebriated with the Holy Ghost! Sorry, that was pretty lame.

(1) Nidaros is now Drontheim in Norway

This Pope Fact was taken from "Sources of Catholic Dogma", 1954, republished in 2007 by Loreto Printing

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